To the Editor:

In a recent poll by You Gov, 48 percent of Americans said that they heard mostly negative news about the economy. Only 28 percent said they heard positive news. There is ample evidence that the media often ignores or downplays the positive developments in our economy.

We surely hear a lot about inflation these days, with few suggestions for coping with rising prices in the marketplace. We do not have to be experts on economic matters to figure out how to do this. We can hold off on playing inflated prices for commodities, knowing that the prices will usually come down. There are still some bargains in the retail stores if we will look for them. During the holidays, some people are looking for gifts in thrift shops, or they are relying upon homemade gifts, which can be highly valued. Gift cards and cash are an alternative to overpriced products. 

Release of oil reserves has already resulted in lower prices at the gas pumps. People can reduce their driving when possible, and they can adjust the thermostat in their homes and wear warmer clothing to keep them comfortable.

Economists have acknowledged that the pandemic has disrupted our economy in many ways and has definitely contributed to inflation. As long as millions of Americans resist the vaccine and the wearing of masks, the Covid virus and the variants will continue to surge, placing a strain on our medical resources and making all of us pay higher prices for so many commodities that we depend upon.

Thomas K. Spence


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