To the Editor:

We are hearing more each day about the litter along the roads of Lee County and adjacent counties, as well.

Many of our citizens do not understand that patriotism means respecting the laws protecting our roads from the contamination of litter, which is sometimes toxic and dangerous. Neither do they understand the lesson from the early chapters of Genesis, that God looked upon the world he created and called it good and then gave humanity the task of taking care of the created order.

It’s so easy to do the right thing. Take your trash home and add it to the garbage, where it can be picked up each week or taken to the recycling center. There are several remedies for this disgraceful situation. Law enforcement can follow some of these vehicles along country roads in unmarked vehicles and catch these law breakers in the act. Then they can be hauled into court and fined, a sure deterrent. A second approach involves the teaching of good citizenship in the school classroom and the practical application of environment science to the care of the natural order. Children can then teach their parents. A third approach would ask for the cooperation of property owners in maintaining the appearance of the roads along their properties. Volunteers here at Carolina Trace already take responsibility for the approaches along NC 87.

Who does not appreciate the privilege of living in a beautiful country? We can all do our part in keeping it clean and beautiful.

Thomas K. Spence, Jr.