To the Editor:

Whatever the price is for Mr. Biden’s infrastructure program that we all need to guarantee it is not paid for.

I do not know too many countries who have that sort of dough, save the Saudis or another one of those oil kingdoms. The USA does not after squandering a trillion or more spent in Afghan land for what that was worth. I heard some of the money was to come from a tax on billionaires, will that work with all the loopholes and the like.

A simple way to gain some green for funding the program is to stop giving money to the oil companies in tax subsidies etc. Gas prices at a premium and you as taxpayers are basically giving the oil elite $ 20.5 billion a year, they are not poor like Egypt so makes no sense at all. We do not subsidize barbers. So this wasted money can go to a useful source. If you lose money searching for oil then find another career on someone else's dime.

Jonathan Paris

Whispering Pines

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