To the Editor:

Well, goodbye 2020 and while we're kicking you out the door, our Congress has passed a stimulus bill to kick $900 billion of American taxpayers' money out the door with it! Does your face tingle like you've been slapped in the face? Mine does, and my front teeth feel loose from getting kicked in the teeth!

If they won't want our money, then they should give it back to the rightful owners; the taxpayers, because the government does not earn money. Why do we give other countries money? Doesn't matter if these countries have been naughty or nice. Countries like Vietnam, Pakistan, El Salvador and Egypt. And it's not to help them with this COVID-19 problem. Oh no. Its for the purchase of military weapons from Russia to go to Egypt, gender studies and border security. What? We don't even have border security in the US!

My mom said, when she was little they would put shoeboxes on the hearth instead of stockings. Each of the children's gifts had to fit in the shoebox. They would get small items and a lot of fruit and nuts. Our congressional leaders must be a bunch of nuts for passing this bill! They are also a bunch of fruitcakes.

So, Americans, put out your little shoe box. Uncle Sam is going to give you only $600 to tide you over until the jobs they took away return.

Meanwhile, they are giving cargo planes full of cash to nearly every country. Do you think any of that money will actually filter down to the people or little children abroad? NO! Greedy government corrupted foreign individuals will have a merry Christmas compliments of the USA.

I am beyond furious! They have been working on this insane project since July. Not one penny should go to other countries, while our citizens have endured so much suffering. You might think my heart is two sizes too small, but I'm not opposed to sending other countries farm products so they won't starve, and this would help farmers. And while you're at it, send them some of these fruits and nuts too. They could use a vacation.

Bah humbug, Congress.

Arlene Jackson