To the Editor:

World War III against COVID-19 with its ever-changing mutations requires the klaxon sound heard on an aircraft carrier signaling all hands on deck. If we do not respond to the call, the ship cannot complete the mission.

Conscientious objectors are not allowed on board as they could interfere with the crew by getting in the way of life-saving work.

A world-wide group of scientists have sounded the klaxon. Large groups of objectors to the vaccines are getting in the way of recovery and the long term goal of herd immunity. These “ conscientious objectors” cannot help because they would spread infection and therefore cannot be policemen, EMTs, hospital workers, doctors, nursing home workers, teachers and others who come in close contact with people.

The unvaccinated are among us and cannot be identified readily unless they might be wearing a MAGA hat or refusing to wear masks when required. These people are overwhelming our hospitals and denying vaccinated patients the care they are entitled to receive. Politicians have perverted the truth to encourage this behavior and in the process are killing their own supporters. There is no guarantee that these objectors will self-isolate as they should to prevent the spread of the virus.

Conscientious objectors must rethink their position and help fight this battle with the rest of us.

Robert M. Hattler


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