To the Editor:

There is no inherent right to privacy on the internet. Proven time and time again, case after case. Once something is posted to social media or the internet at large, you might as well have just put it up for sale in a flea market.

The citizens of Lee county have a right to be aware of any unusual behaviors, exhibited by their public officials. After all, we entrust these individuals with authority about how to spend our tax dollars.

It is especially important that people are aware of his extracurricular activities. behavior now that he is in office (in a position of power) and holds various other positions within the community. Including Student outreach at Central Carolina Community College, and various other nonprofit organizations.

Odd that others remark on officials words or actions as “potty-mouthed,” organize protests, etc. While ignoring the facts that are right in front of them.

While it is regrettable that the details of Mr. Kelly's private life did not come to light before his reelection; Perhaps the people of Lee county would have made different decisions.

I personally do believe it has a significant impact on his ability to properly execute his duties and responsibilities as a public official.

Whatever your morals, whatever your stance on the matter, ask yourselves " Is this putting our best foot forward?"

Lance Grames