Sanford Rotary Club

It was another beautiful day at Sanford Rotary Club on Tuesday, Aug. 7 with President Daniel Simmons presiding.

The meeting was called to order with Phillip Price leading the Sanford Rotary Prayer. Due to our Club Assembly being also scheduled today, committees quietly discussed the year’s activities for: Club Membership, Public Image, Club Administration, Polio-Plus Foundation and Service Projects. Committee chairs then gave a 30-second preview of same for the membership assembled.

President Daniel announced Rotary District Governor Claudia Cannady will be our guest on Sept. 11. Board members, committee chairs, and interested members are asked to attend the governor’s briefing beginning at 11 a.m. prior to our noon meeting.

The 50/50 Raffle ($16 cash money) was won by Dick Poletti, and Liberty Home Care & Hospice provided a $25 gift certificate to Ms. Lacy’s that was won by Past President Amber Cameron.

Past President David Foster introduced our speaker for the day, Angela Love. Angela is Volunteer Coordinator for Liberty Home Care & Hospice. Angela discussed the process and procedure to get patients and families connected with their network of locations and professionals. Angela shared the “Five Wishes” Advanced Directives workbook, where an individual can share their desires for end of life care. Other meaningful and thoughtful handouts were distributed. Liberty Home Care & Hospice has three locations in Lee County and volunteer opportunities exist for interested individuals. You may call Angela at 919-774-9522. President Daniel announced Sanford Rotary Club’s donation in Angela’s name to Lee County Partnership for Children as our thanks for her providing our program for today.

To close out our meeting, Dick Poletti led Sanford Rotary Club in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Tommy Thystrup led us in the Rotary Four-Way Test.

If you have an interest in joining us for lunch, we meet at the Flame Restaurant on Tuesdays about Noon. Please come be our guest.

Jonesboro Rotary Club

The Aug. 9 meeting of the Jonesboro Rotary Club was called to order by President Morris McClelion; Kate Rumely led the Rotary Prayer for invocation.

Van Sillaman was called on as Sergeant at Arms, and Yvonne Bullard had announcements: she is planning a Fellowship for Women in the JRC/details to follow; also that we would not be having a meeting on Aug. 16, instead would have a Fellowship of Rotary time at 6 p.m. Aug. 21 at Camelback Brewing Company.

There were lots of brags, beginning with Jennifer Hogan on Yvonne for being so welcoming to Sanford, the Temple Theatre, and our Jonesboro Rotary Club, and also for all that Yvonne does as a volunteer for the Temple. Morris bragged about wife Sharon bringing three granddaughters back to Sanford to visit, and that all were still alive and well. Peggy Taphorn bragged on the Temple Theatre youth camps during this summer, with 280 kids served. Rick Clements bragged on Rotary and its effect on building relationships, noting that he now knows someone in Melbourne, Australia due to wearing a Rotary pin. Terry McMillian bragged on John Ramsperger’s helpfulness — “he always answers the phone!” and on Bud Marchant for his help in making connections. Jim Miller bragged on Cleveland Indians baseball, and new beer visits. Rita McClellan bragged on our local Board of Elections, and has the chairman coming to speak at our meeting on Sept. 6. Kate bragged on Brick Capital’s move back to its Makepeace Street location, and noted that they have classes for homeowners as well as other housing assistance. Van bragged on finding a well-lit refuge, Camelback Brewing Company, when his electricity was knocked out by a recent storm. And finally, Patrick Kelly bagged on Chris deLambert for passing his summer classes for law school.

Special notice was given of our Aug. 23 meeting, when District Governor Claudia Canady will be visiting, and of a Board of Directors meeting just prior.

John Ramsperger then introduced our speaker of the day, Marshall Downey, Lee County planning director since 2014 (assistant director prior from 2003-2014). He is a graduate of ECU with a B.S. in Urban and Regional Planning, and a M.P.A. from UNC-Charlotte, and is married with three children. Marshall came to discuss the 2020 Land Use Plan, which is currently in the final stages before adoption. The last plan was done in the 1990s, adopted in 1999, and significant updating was needed. The process has taken several years, with initial meetings with the public in 2016, and with “stakeholders” such as the Lee County School System, SAGA, Fire/EMS, local homebuilders association, Raleigh Exec Airport, and others. The planning group also has been working with NCDOT helping to plan for improved aesthetics along roads. The overall aim has been to produce a plan that can serve as a “blueprint” for planning development in the county, allowing for extension of infrastructure in a managed way so as to encourage logical use in “urban” and “rural” areas, and acknowledging the needs of future development without adversely affecting current neighborhoods. After review by the city and county planning boards and further opportunity for public input, it is hoped the final adoption by the boards will be in September. Detailed information and interactive maps are available on the website

The Polio Plus raffle was won by Jennifer, who then led us in the Four-Way Test and Pledge of Allegiance to end another great Jonesboro Rotary meeting. Please make up if you missed and enjoy a “double opportunity” the following week, Aug. 21 at Camelback and 23 at the Flame.

Rotarily yours,

Rupert Ainsley