“I am the Lord, and there is no other; besides Me there is no God.” — Isaiah 45:5a

If it were the Civil War, they would have given him a leather strop to bite and a slug of opium (if he was lucky), broken out a couple of gore-smeared hacksaws and cut his leg off at the upper thigh. If he didn’t die from infection, he could look forward to life with an ill-fitting, painful …

Nate Carter in his book, God Never Panics, tells the story of an S-4 submarine that was rammed by a merchant ship just off the coast of Massachusetts several years ago. It quickly sank into the cold dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean, trapping the entire crew. Every effort to rescue the crew …

Let me start, Gentle Reader, by saying that I am perfectly cognizant of the fact that those disembodied voices coming from all types of electronic equipment are not tiny little people who dwell within.

Q: I remember a band from the ’70s called Seeger Swartz but can’t find any information about them. Did I dream them up or was there a band with that name?

Now to set ya’ll straight, this here story is not about certain people who seem to fall for anything, no-sir-re. This story is my recollection of one of my experiences while gigging blue-fin suckers in local creeks.

Larry Calvin in his book, No Fear, tells the story of a priest who lived in a monastery where the vow of silence demanded that a priest speak only two words every six years.

The thing about being both well-known and on Twitter, I suppose, is that if you royally, utterly, abysmally blow it, there are no fingers on earth fast enough to delete it before someone screenshots it and saves it in perpetuity.

Dogwood tree buds are beginning to swell. These trees are a favorite herald of spring. The bracts come out before the leaves and are the real eye catchers — white , pale pink or sometimes reddish pink, with small clusters of the true yellow flowers centered in the middle.

Q: I’ve heard that George Harrison played guitar on Fleetwood Mac’s “Walk a Thin Line” from the “Tusk” album. His name is not listed in the album notes, but I keep seeing references to him playing on the song. Did he?

“A little while, and you will no longer see Me; and again a little while, and you will see Me.” — John 16:16