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Sanford City Council will consider whether to approve a zoning request to rezone 5.4 acres of property at the intersection of Bragg and South Seventh streets. The land would be developed into a small neighborhood that includes several duplexes.

The city council is expected to make decisions on two more new neighborhoods in Sanford tonight.

After a public hearing last month, the council will consider whether to approve Bishop Charles Mellette’s request to rezone 134 acres of land on West Courtland Drive for mixed-use residential development. The tract of land is next to Christian Provision Ministries, which would serve as the hub for a future neighborhood.

The rezoning, from R-20 to R-6, is general use, so no site plans are required. The change would allow the development of a higher-density neighborhood that could include townhouses, duplexes and apartments instead of just single-family homes. The planning board unanimously recommended approval of the request last month.

Also Tuesday, the council will consider whether to approve a request by Brandon Harrington, of Harrington Properties, to rezone 5.4 acres of land at the intersection of Bragg and South Seventh streets.

The land would be home to small neighborhood consisting of 10 duplexes and two detached, single-family homes. The development includes 22 lots with a minimum size of 6,000-square-feet.

One point of conflict was the developer’s inability to retrofit two city streets, Barnes Street and Ray Avenue, with curb and gutter, as is usually required. The developer indicated the project is cost-prohibitive, although sidewalks would be installed.

The planning board voted 4-1 to recommend approval of the project, with the dissenting member saying curb and gutter should be required, per the recommendation of the city engineering department.

Also Tuesday, the city council will hold public hearings on sewer extensions on Cliffside Drive, Pine Lake Drive, Tomberlin Road and Oriole Circle. They will also consider:

• an amendment to the incentive package for new economic development Project Star;

• approval of a plan to improve the city’s water and wastewater systems over the next 10 years; and

• non-contiguous annexation of 260 acres of land where N.C. 421 intersects Deep River, and south of Cotten Road, for the second phase of development of the Village of Cumnock neighborhood.