Lee County commissioners were unable to commit Monday to a request to help with construction of a road through on property adjoining the site of the future multi- sports complex.

Mark Lyczkowski, one of the developers of the planned Ashby Commons, neighborhood appealed to the board to consider paying for a portion of a parkway on the property.

Ashby Commons is being developed on land adjacent to the site of the proposed sports athletic complex at Broadway Road near the U.S. 421 Bypass.

The development will contain single-family homes, townhouses and pedestrian-friendly shopping areas, Lyczkowski said.

The parkway is a proposed route along the property line between the sports complex and the development, he said.

It will go from Broadway Road, across the property and through a round-about and connect with South Horner Boulevard, according to Lyczkowski.

The estimated cost for the entire parkway is $2.2 million, he said.

The county is being asked to help with funding the portion from Broadway Road (N.C. 42) to the round-about.

This would allow two access points to the property, which he said would “not be conducive” to traffic volume on the land.

The parkway will provide access to the entire tract, he said. Plans are for it to have a divided median. The property is in the Sanford city limits, he said, and the city council has pledged to help with the cost.

The developers will shoulder the bulk of the cost, Lyczkowski said. That includes a traffic impact analysis, road improvements and relocating utilities, he said.

“We want to be good neighbors and work together on the parkway that access NC 42 (Broadway Road),” Lyczkowski said.

Work on the sports complex is not moving as quickly as the development, according to County Manager John Crumpton.

“We need to do our due diligence,” he said.

Lyczkowski, asked if he had a deadline in mind for a response, suggested 30 days.

“I think 30 days is a little fast plus we don’t know the cost,” Crumpton said. “We have an estimate, but want to know what the city is putting in. It’s their idea.”