Three lucky students got to toss shaving cream pies into the faces of their principal and assistant principal Monday in honor of Pi Day, a celebration of the irrational number usually approximated as 3.14.

Greenwood Elementary School’s fourth annual Pi Day celebration took place the day after March 14, the number’s namesake date.

Each year, fourth and fifth-grade students volunteer to memorize as many digits of pi as they can, said teacher Leslie Cottrell, who works with advanced and intellectually gifted students. Last year, the winner recited more than 80 digits, said Cottrell.

That day was also the last day of school before the coronavirus pandemic shut down classrooms, according to Cottrell. The competition was streamed live on YouTube this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The three winners this year were Lily Chick, Colton Brafford and Cristie Tavera. Colton recited 108 digits of pi, Cristie recited 94 and Lily recited 67, according to Cottrell.

The students were rewarded with pies to take home as well as the opportunity to pie Principal Christian Chaney and Vice Principal Alan Caywood.

Pi is a number that goes on infinitely and never repeats. About 50 trillion digits of pi are known. The current world record for number of pi decimals memorized is 67,890, held by Lu Chao of China who recited the number in 2005.