The Splash Pad at Kiwanis Family Park should be up and running soon after officials addressed complaints from users about the water and possible mold in the pad’s large water bucket.

Nick Fortune, the city’s parks administrator, shut the park down Thursday to check the water and one of the splash pad attractions, a large bucket that fills up with water and then dumps it on participants.

Some who have used the splash pad recently complained that their children had become sick after using the splash pad and noticed a dark substance in the bucket.

“That seems to be the rumor going around and that’s why we are taking the precaution to do what’s right,” he said.

Fortune said they closed the splash pad down Thursday to check the water and the bucket.

He said what they found in the bucket was algae. He said sometimes the bucket retains water after the splash pad closes, but doesn’t know how the algae formed.

Fortune said there is usually enough chlorine in the water to keep algae from forming. He said they’ve cleaned out the bucket and are checking the water to make sure it is clean.

He’s not sure how the algae formed, possibly the hot weather played a factor, but the water used in the splash pad is checked daily automatically and physically using vial tests every two weeks.

“It (machine that pumps water in the splash pad) has multiple checks and balances from a quality standpoint,” he said. “The water is automatically checked twice a day. The automatic (water) feeding system is checked constantly.”

On that day they flushed the system, ran a series of tests on the water and believes the issue will be resolved quickly. Fortune said they also submitted water samples to a third party to be tested just to make sure.

“We are going to make sure we come up with a way that this will not happen in the future,” he said.

The future cannot come soon enough for Olive Gagnon, 7. She and her siblings were looking forward to cooling off at the splash pad only to find out was closed when they drove up.

Her aunt, Heather Carrasco, took the day off to bring the group out.

“I was trying to do something fun,” she said. “I’ll take them to Yarbrough’s and get them some ice cream.”

City officials said the splash pad would reopen soon.

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