Summer can be a difficult time for new gardeners due to rising temperatures. Here are some easy tips for you to try this year. Be Smart About Watering It might be warmer and dryer, but that doesn't mean you need to spend more time watering your plants. Watering your flowerbeds twice a week with plenty of water is more effective than watering them more frequently. Don’t Water At Night Avoid watering your plants in the evening, as it can encourage fungus growth. Also, avoid watering your plants at midday when it's the hottest. Instead, try to do the majority of your watering in the morning. Remember To Prune Remove any diseased, damaged or dead debris from your plants, as they can block airflow and growth. Cutting back dead blooms will ensure your plant grows back healthier next season. Add Shade To Your Garden If part of your garden receives strong sunlight for the majority of the day, find a way to create shade. You can use a tree or a cluster of bamboo to provide shade for your plants.