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Donald Baynes of Sanford won $100,000 on a $30 lottery ticket recently.

Donald Baynes of Sanford spent $30 on a lottery ticket and wound up winning $100,000.

Baynes, a site contractor, won the money in the Supreme Riches scratch-off game, according to a release from the N.C. Education Lottery.

Baynes, who collected his winnings Friday in Raleigh, purchased the ticket at the Kangaroo Express on North Main Street in Broadway.

Baynes took home $70,759 after state and federal taxes were deducted.

“I’m blessed and very fortunate to win something like this,” Baynes said in the release.

During the 2020 fiscal year, Lee County received $4.3 million from lottery funds to use toward education programs, according to the N.C. Education Lottery.

The funds generated $872,040 for the N.C. Pre-K program, which serves 4-year-olds deemed to be at risk of falling behind while preparing for kindergarten, the lottery release said. The money helped 134 4-year-olds in Lee County, the release said.

Lottery money also provided $187,420 in college scholarships for 184 Lee County students and $74,270 for financial aid scholarships for 364 local students enrolled in the University of North Carolina system.

Some $2.4 million was used to support public and charter school operations and another $79,555 went toward transportation needs, according to the release.

Lottery money also provided $720,006 to Lee County for school construction needs, the release said.